Triz in 4th Grade: The Spelling Champ


This year has so many highlights for our Fourth Grader kiddo. Being a diligent student, achieving the Top Honors in class is not a surprise. However, her being trophied as the Spelling Champion in their entire school was a delight and truly a proud moment. That’s because she beat all other contestants from Fourth Grade to Eighth Grades. The school year is about to end and this year is definitely going to be one that is imprinted in our heart and mind forever.


With her school winning: 1st Place Trophy and $75 cash

Being the school champion, she got to represent her school in the District Level which is a County-wide contest. There were fourteen schools all in all and she was one of the last two girls standing. She lost to the 6th Grader from a different school who also was the defending champion which means she has more experience than Triz who is a first-timer. It was a fun competition for our amazing daughter and it made her feel like going back to the same venue next year to win the title. Lol. God bless her is all that I can say! Ha ha!


With the District Level Winner and Triz, grabbing the 2nd Place

Our girl is a Champ not only in being a good girl to Mommy and Daddy but in school as well! She made her school so proud of herĀ and it made me praise God even more for this daughter who continues to utilize her God-given ability!

Pretty soon, we will say farewell 4th Grade and Hello Fifth Grade!


Mixing Boards


I want to talk about music and musicality. As we reach our second year of living in Texas, I am reminded of the first few days we spent here when we met new friends and got acquainted with their personal and professional lives. One particular family we became close with is a family of musicians. The husband and the wife are both pianists and the only son is a violinist. When we went to their house for the first time, we were greeted with two grand pianos in their living room, an organ, and some string instruments. I would think they have mixing boards since they produce music albums or at least have a music studio in their own home. In short, they really are a family of musicians!

Anyway, I feel like I owe a post of gratitude in this blog for having succeeded in the past two years of life. I didn’t become a musician but I learned to appreciate even more the lives of musicians because here in our place, it is not hard at all to be acquainted to a lot of people who love music and play many kinds of instruments!