Scented Diffusers


We are approaching the time of the year when gift-giving is the most common thing to do between people. That’s right, Christmas is in the air as we are nearing to the last month of the year! Having said that, we should now be reminded of planning ahead for gifting ideas and options. You see, there are people we know whom we considered to be difficult when it comes to thinking of what to give them. It is either they’re too simple to not want or need anything, or too wealthy to be able to afford anything that they would want for themselves. I mysef have those type of people in my list and it is always a dilemma every time. However, I don’t think I can go wrong with giving them anything that’s scented. Going for archipelago candles or scented diffusers for their cars or homes would fit most of the times since it is something that will always be useful. Don’t you think so?

That’s why as early as now, I am already sharing with you this link that might be helpful as we plan ahead of what to give who come holiday season. It is my home that we can make use of this site that has so many things we can consider to be great gifts.


Serious studying is a need


When you’re a back-to-school-mom and one of the courses you’re taking is Anatomy and Physiology, no– there is no time to play around because a serious studying is definitely a must. And that is what I do for as long as I can find time to look at my books and my notes.

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It actually is a challenge to return to school when you are already a mom so my advice to all students right now: pursue your dream careers and finish up your education before marriage… if you CAN help it! Lol. My point is, concentration is a bit hard when you already have kids because no matter how serious you are in studying, when you’re not home, your thoughts are always occupied by your kids. Yep, that’s what I consider to be the hardest.

I can only hope that I can ace this class I am in for this semester. A and P is definitely not an easy subject but I love, love, love everything that I am learning from this course as it is so relevant and valuable to my desired Nursing degree.