Dissecting a Sheep’s Brain


This week’s lab for our Anatomy and Physiology class has been one that’s super cool, super interesting, and super amazing! Imagine dissecting a real sheep’s brain and studying it with your classmates? It was definitely a WOW moment for me and the rest of the section!

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The Central Nervous System: Brain

This semester is going really fast for me! It’s been very hard learning Anatomy and Physiology but I can’t deny it’s been a very great experience and I have filled my self with a whole lot of information about the human body which I will be able to make use of in the future, for my professional skills. We have just finished our Midterm tests and although I am not really that happy with what I got, still, I am satisfied with what I have learned since Day 1 in this class.

The journey of a schooling mom in the person of myself is not the easiest but I will definitely hang in there, while I can! :)


Cordoba Guitar


Guitar playing, anyone? How about guitar lessons? How about a brand new guitar?

Have you heard about the Cordoba¬†classical guitar? I actually have not, until the daughter’s Music Teacher has mentioned it to me. She said that she used one when she was learning to play guitar and that was twenty something years ago! I was surprised to hear about it which made me think such is really one of great quality. Well, I don’t have a plan of purchasing any new guitar anytime soon, but you might be interested to know about a Cordoba guitar so I would recommend a site that has all of its information.

Learn more about us at MusiciansFriend.com. That’s what Cordoba brand said and sure, feel free to learn more of them because they might be a good fit for guitars that you are looking for.


Friends Make Life


It’s always nice to have friends, is it not? It makes life more fun and exciting, especially if they are friends you havehad for a long time now and distance has been a barrier in making your connection active. Well, thanks to Social Network and the desire to still keep in touch despite the miles, as I still get to enjoy the company of good friends from long time ago.

A few weeks ago, a long time ago friend (known her since elementary years) who has been based in Indiana came down to Texas for a quick vacation at her other friend in Dallas. Since I am just less than an hour far from the place that she went to, she took the chance to visit me and it has been wonderful!

Drove An around SWAU ground and we had a blast touring our haven to her!

There’s An and me at the Mizpah Gate at SWAU. We definitely had a great time and I hope she can come again and visit us here one more time! :)

There’s us- friends, from long time ago! An from elementary years and J from college. Unknown to me, An and J knew each other in Thailand as they both spent some years there and they also were reunited here in TX! Isn’t it amazing? :)

Dinner, dinner! At our simplest abode.

Oh, life is awesome with friends and friends do make life more awesome! I am thankful I have friends who enjoy my company as they make me smile even more! :)