Renovating this year?


My husband and I, when we planned on doing a floor makeover for our carpeted living room and bedrooms to doing a hardwood flooring, didn’t expect that it would be a tough job but a very fulfilling one. We did it ourselves; actually, just him, and seeing it all done after two months- we are both ecstatic! Well, we are done with our flooring and the next thing we wonder about is: should we change our kitchen cabinets? Seeing what ovis offers make me answer it with a yes although the husband is not so enthused about it just yet.

Well, check this out: a cookware organizer!

Image grabbed from

Isn’t that neat? Having sets of cookwares in my kitchen because I am into cooking a LOT, this makes me want to remodel my kitchen cabinets! I am having a hard time right now of how to neatly arrange and organize my kitchen stuff so I might try to convince the husband to treat me with a super nice and neat kitchen cabinets. I won’t ask that this time yet though since he just got done with the flooring. Maybe on my birthday in March or on Mother’s Day. Hmm… this just gives me an idea of what to ask then.┬áHa ha!


Fourth Grade Star of the Month


My daughter is a gift and a blessing!

At the start of this month, she was up in the hallway bulletin of their school as the Fourth Grade Star Student of the Month. Everything about her on the board is something that as a Mom I am so PROUD of.

When her teacher sent me this photo on the very morning it was posted, I replied her saying that those are very big words right there about my daughter. Descriptions of her that I am so proud of as they come not from my own mouth but from her classmates and teachers. I told her it makes me as a Mother so proud of my daughter and she responded me saying, “You have every right to be proud of her because she is your own. I am even proud of my girl even if she is not mine. You did such a great job in raising her so well.” And then my heart melted. Lol.

My daughter continues to shine inside and out. I am a happy Mom but more than anything else, I pray she will continue to shine as God’s precious daughter exemplifying to others what a beautiful child of God should be.

She definitely makes my Christmas even merrier.