Is Summer Camp a Part of Your Kid’s Summer?


So, how has your summer been, so far?

For my family, it has been filled with so much excitement and fun, even though going to a summer camp wasn’t and isn’t going to be a part of it. You see, for this year’s summer, we are just stuck at home from our very recent move. A huge move at that! From Wisconsin to Texas, our family transitioned to our new home and because of this challenging move, we opt not to go to a summer camp.

It will change though next year as we will definitely be settled in already and can therefore do more explorations in this new home state we are in!

In the meantime, here’s an infographic on what you need to know if your kids are going to a summer camp! It is worth knowing what the cost is so that you will be prepared when it is all done! It is called “Camp’s Dirty Little Secret”. Quite intriguing, eh? You should scroll ahead to find out what is worth finding out!

Summer Camp’s Dirty Little Secret
Courtesy of: Kidecals


Whether a kid or an adult, summer camps, for me, always entails labeling of one’s personal belongings for safety and security purposes. How about you– do you keep your kids’ stuff during camps labeled at all times?

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Pursuing Music


Now in our new location, our love for music will even be more strengthened with the availability of music lessons here for our daughter. There are a lot of beautiful amps that we often see and are on sale and the daughter has been expressing her desire to someday own one but for now, it is the lesson that she will concentrate on first.

At the school where she is enrolled, there is a separate piano and violin lessons that we can additionally get for her learning and I am glad that she is interested on it. It wouldn’t be a problem convincing her to be serious with the class and hopefully, she will grow to be good in everything that she wants to pursue, especially in music.