Tax-Free Shopping for School Supplies


You guys– did you take advantage of the No-Tax-School Supplies Shopping in your State, if there is? I sure did! I am glad Texas has this as it saved us at least $10 on the school supplies that we bought for the new school year!

The clothes are a big thing, especially school uniforms! Since I purchased several polo shirts for my Fifth Grader and all of her school supplies, what a treat indeed! A total of about $160 for what I paid for school-related stuff without tax is just wonderful!

This is the  second year in a row that we have taken advantage of this cool promo. I know not all States participate in this so I am really grateful that the Great State of Texas does.


Gorilla Snot for Guitarists


Have you heard of a gorilla snot? I am actually so gullible about what it is until my daughter explained it to me. I took it literally that I laughed at myself when I realized it is a must-have for guitarists. Apparently, it helps guitarists hang on to their picks and drummers to keep a grip on their sticks. It is like this powder that gymnasts use when they perform on beams and bars I guess. Anyway, there is a really good deal right now of this snot and so if you are a guitarist or a drummer or you know one who is and who might find this product beneficial, then the link above is worth checking out!