How Reading Helps Improve Communication Skills


Everyone has been told about the importance of learning to read. It is a major focus from the minute a person enters school. Reading is obviously important in daily life, especially now that so much in communicated through text messages and written items online. This naturally shows how important reading is in communication. Being able to communicate clearly is an essential skill for anyone to have regardless of their field of work. However, it can be difficult to understand exactly how reading helps to improve and build communication skills.

The Basics of Communication
In order to communicate clearly, you have to be able to put together words in a concise manner. To do this, you need a good vocabulary. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find the words you need to communicate ideas. You can check out colleges and find out more about their communications classes to see the different aspects of communication that are important, especially in the business world. Understanding what makes up effective communication can help you to see how reading fits into it.

Skills Learned When Reading
Reading is a great way to hone many different skills. To begin with, it tackles the vocabulary problem by exposing you to a world of words, many of which you might not use in your daily life. You can greatly expand your vocabulary through reading, which is something you have already likely experienced when you were in school.

Reading also enables you how to construct sentences for clearer communication. Being taught how to construct a sentence in English class is much different than seeing this in a practical application. Through reading, you are seeing sentence structures in a natural way. You can learn how to properly state ideas in an understandable way.

Another aspect of reading that many people don’t realize is that it helps make you more emphatic. When you read, you are often exposed to different points of view. You are exposed to the emotions and internal thoughts of others. This can expand your views and help you to better relate to people in the real world. This is important in communication because it allows you to learn to speak in a way that gets your points across without offending or upsetting others, which makes communication more effective.

How to Read More
Many people wonder how they can read more and how they can possibly find time in their day to read. The good news is that it is so easy to read. You can spend however much time you have. You don’t have to read for hours. If you have fifteen minutes, then just read for fifteen minutes. Read what you like or expand your horizons by reading something new.

Libraries make it very easy to get books to read. In fact, click here to learn more about how libraries are trying to ensure everyone gets a chance to read. There are also many digital library programs that allow you to borrow books for free.

Reading is essential to communication. Don’t think it is just something you do in school. Everyone should be reading. It is a habit that should last your whole life because reading will expand your mind and help to make you a stronger communicator.


First Quarter Achievement


Before Thanksgiving Break happened, we had a chance to enjoy our Fifth Grader’s academic achievement during the Parent-Teacher Conference for Middle School. Yes, our daughter continues to excel in her class and she continues to make us the proudest parents around! Principal’s Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance awardee– those early morning preparations were definitely all worth it!

I told her she put herself in such a high pressure for the remaining days of this school year. That is, to maintain her A+ status. She agreed, but promised to continue to just work well with her school works and be an obedient daughter to me. I declare I am truly a BLESSED Mom.