Choosing the Right Keyboard


We bought our very first electronic keyboard in 2007 when our first daughter was only less than a year old. Now that she is already 9 years old, that keyboard is still around for her younger sister to use. It is not the kind that professionals use, of course! It is just a toy that made a lasting impression on our daughter that music is beautiful. When we purchased a bigger one when she was 5 years old, it wasn’t as tough as I thought it was to choose which kind or brand of keyboard should we buy. It was a matter of questioning how much are keyboards and how much are we willing to spend for a new one four the keyboard or piano learning of our aspiring pianist. It helped that we were surrounded by people who can tell us the preferences of this particular instrument that we should consider when buying. Sure enough, the one that we bought is still working so well even up to now when we already have a piano. Choosing the right keyboard, definitely matters, indeed!


Conquering the Real World


Tomorrow marks my 1 month of being a working mom. I started working on the 15th of last month and oh how time flies! I am officially a working mom for a month now! I can’t believe it!!!

Nonetheless, I am one happy career woman! It is not easy to become one while at the same time performing my role as a wife, a mom, and a student but however I make it, only God knows! It took guts for me to do the first step and even more confidence and faith to fulfill all the requirements but now, I can totally say that it is all worth it!


I can definitely say that I am destined to be in the healthcare world! It is something that I enjoy doing but more than anything else, my job right now is something that I find to be so fulfilling so yeah, I am up still, to conquer the real world now and in the days ahead!

So help me God!