When your child brings home a minus zero in all her papers


Today, like every Monday, my 4th grader comes home from school with her white folder with all of the papers she did in class last week. Today, for the 4th time in a row, she brought home all papers with minus zero in it. In other words, she got every thing in perfect score for all her classes. When this happened for the first time last month, I was so thrilled. She usually brings home with a bunch of school outputs that have 100s in it but with one of two or three that has minus 1 or minus two or minus three points. For four weeks now, she has everything in 100 %. You can tell I am a proud mom, can’t you?

When this happens, the mother in me feels so fulfilled. I can say then that all those early morning wake ups are so worth it. The working mom in me feels like I have a very hardworking child as well who makes sure she could bring home something that her hardworking parents want to see. Of course, she deserves a treat although she doesn’t really want any but wouldn’t refuse a book or two from the Adventist Book Center near us. Lol.

Well, actually, I make my daughter my inspiration. As a schooling mom myself, my class right now which is Pharmacology is very challenging for me. I don’t get perfect scores in my exams, but I find it comforting to know that my daughter is acing her classes for me.

When Triz does this every time, she makes me feel that everything is worth it. All my sweat, my nags, my pains, my discomforts as a full time mom mixed with school and a full time job totals to a complete sense of happiness. And she promises that she will continue to work hard because she finds it worth it.

Thank God for amazing daughters! :)


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