I have a trumpeter!


So, this kiddo has decided to play the trumpet for Middle School band. Being in the band is part of their Music class so it is a must to play an instrument. She decided to try the trumpet and so I got her one. Let’s see what piece she can play for me soon!

She has tried guitar and piano already and so far, she does well on both. She is joining the Handbell choir as well in school for this year and I look forward to seeing her perform soon. But, a trumpet, I learned, is more challenging and more difficult because it involves a healthy lungs as source of the air to blow out in order to produce a sound. I tried it when she showed us how to play it and boy it wasn’t that easy as I thought it would be! Lol.

I am excited for my daughter’s activities this year. I am thankful that I and my husband are able to provide for her potential and her needs. God is good!


More musical this year


When school started for us last month, I knew it is going to be a lot more challenging and for my daughter in middle school, a little overwhelming. Their music class alone already involves a whole lot of plans for this year. She is in the school band and will play the trumpet, she will be in a handbell choir, and she continues to take her piano lessons. Yes, a sustain pedal is something that is relevant to her as she still has a keyboard that needs one.

Thinking of the upcoming music activities for my daughter is something that will truly be much looked forward to because it involves seeing her developments and learning as the months pass by. I hope and pray that what she will undertake this year will prepare her even more for the next few years of Middle school and high school.