Learn those steps at a Dance School


While I am a back-to-school mom, my school will not teach me about dance steps.

Image from dancedoctor.com

No, I am not gonna learn any dance routines as I am into learning the skills and academics of a health care professional so no, I can not invite you to join me in a dance school but in an academic setting! However, if you or anyone you know is into learning any dancing steps, then I suggest the dance classes in santa monica ca which I have heard it is one of the great dance programs across the state!

I have personal friends who have great dancing skills and talents and some of them even nurtured their dancing potential and took it to the next level. That is, by enrolling in a dancing school! If such is your passion and talent, why not? There is no better place in learning more about dancing and steps than at a great dancing school!


Pro-Education. I am Back to School!


I have officially started working on being admitted to the university where my husband will be working. This is a plan that is going to be fulfilled earlier since initially, the plan was for me to return to school in the Spring Semester. Apparently, I couldn’t wait. So here I am again, a pro-education that I am– I’m going to be a student once again, and this time, at Southwestern Adventist University here in Keene, Texas!

It sounds exciting alright, but actually, I am dreading the pressure and the time management challenge, like I always do, every time! Only God can help me ace the time management process so help me, Lord!

I am still on the first steps of being admitted. I am working on having my credentials evaluated and the one from Philippines is the toughest because it has to be evaluated by WES (World Education Services) which is an outside party. Hopefully, it can be done fast so I can get in to registering for classes before the first day of the school year!

I will update with whatever developments I will have in the future. For now, call me a “once again student mama”! Lol.