Finally, a Texas Certified Nursing Aide!


Well, what can I say? I MADE IT! And I am so proud of myself. I know, I am feeling ecstatic every time I think of how that day went when I took my State Test. It was so nerve-racking and very challenging. Nevertheless, God has blessed! I passed both my Written and Skills tests and I am officially a Texas Certified Nursing Aide now!



It wasn’t the easiest thing to conquer because I was really nervous the whole time. I wasn’t alone though. All of us testers that day felt the same. But, at the end of the day, with our tests results in, we were able to breathed in big time and really felt the joyful energy I have had for the entire time I was at the testing center.

So, what is next for me? Time to apply for CNA jobs now and start putting what I have learned to work! I am excited as this will mark my official entry into the health care field. Please pray for me and wish me the best in my job hunting. Thank you!

KORG Adapter


We have finally decided to make our family room the new music room. It is where all our musical instruments are stored. We recently got a pre-owned piano for our daughter who will be starting with her piano lesson soon and that makes the room really looking like a home studio now. I am not sure if a 4 5 v ac adapter would be useful, but it was mentioned to us by a musician from the university that it is good for our instruments that need battery and can be used an adapter. I am wondering because it feels like it is time to get one today while it is being sold at a discounted price from I guess it is worth checking out!