Class Rings


The semester is fast approaching to an end. Before I knew it, May will be here and the dreaded and at the same time most awaited Finals will be here in front of us. Are you ready, fellow students? I sure am. I just want this semester to be over and done with, even though I am not really going to graduate just yet. However, I do know of a few who will, in college and high school. For them, I bet they would like their own class ring as a souvenir of their high school or college life. If you are looking for where to get one, you can actually find your most desired class rings here.

I am thinking of gifting my own niece with one. One that’s freestyle so it would fit her personality well. She will graduate in high school as a top 4th student of the class and I am so proud of her. I hope she will like what I will get for her.


School Cancellations


The weather in this side of town has been crazy and bad lately resulting to several school cancellations for the three of us. The daughter would rejoice if KAES announces school closure because of the icy road, the husband and I would be thrilled if the University is also on a delayed start or school closure and this afternoon, Hill College announced that all Hill College campuses including the one where I go will also be closed due to severe ice storm. Am I happy for it? Yes and No.

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Yes because I am happy to stay home with my girls. There is nothing like being home when you’re a student and a working mom. No, because that would mean another day of school to be made up and so far, I have two days equivalent to 8 hours of class to be made up at Hill College. Sucks, but I shall find a way to make up those lost hours due to the bad weather.

North Texas is not so used to winter weather like this. They don’t have tools and equipment to conquer the snow and ice on the roads. It was my first time to drive on a sleet and freezing rain conditions and I couldn’t count the times I have swerved. It was fun when you’re the only one driving on the road but it was not for the most part of it. Lol. I sure hope that the weather will get better soon.

For now, I’ll enjoy my time being HOME.