Pursuing Music


Now in our new location, our love for music will even be more strengthened with the availability of music lessons here for our daughter. There are a lot of beautiful amps that we often see and are on sale and the daughter has been expressing her desire to someday own one but for now, it is the lesson that she will concentrate on first.

At the school where she is enrolled, there is a separate piano and violin lessons that we can additionally get for her learning and I am glad that she is interested on it. It wouldn’t be a problem convincing her to be serious with the class and hopefully, she will grow to be good in everything that she wants to pursue, especially in music.


From UWSP to SWAU: Well, Hello from Texas!


Moving, I can say, is definitely exhausting and time-consuming! Having been through such phase– moving from Central Wisconsin to Northcentral Texas, you can tell I am very well-versed to how moving goes! At least for me, it took me a couple months to finally be back online! Oh, I so miss my virtual homes! It’s been quite a hiatus, but I am back to the world wide web now so let’s see how time goes!


We have left University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point which was our haven for five years and now, we are settled in Southwestern Adventist University here in Keene, Texas.

The two Ts, on the SWAU grounds

Exactly 10 days after arriving in Texas, we got our internet connection installed in our new home. I do have a whole lot to share regarding what transpired this past two months of our transition but for now, my time is more valuable offline than online.

Our new academic haven is our family’s desired place. We are very thankful that God has opened up a way for us to land here and since this was an instantaneous move, most of our long-term plans as a family have shifted and changed. We are up for this huge change though and so, we are excited for our Texas lifestyle now and beyond.

What awaits the schooling mom in Texas?

As this blog’s name says, “A Schooling Mom”. Until I won’t get to become a registered nurse, I will continue to pursue such goal. Yes, I plan to resume schooling soon if time will already allow. Our lifestyle here is definitely changing but every change is for the betterment of our body, heart, and soul so we’re all up for it! Our daughter Triz has been registered to Keene Adventist Elementary School and it is one major change that I can consider having been homeschooling her.

So far, everything is well at our end and I look forward to finding time updating this blog of mine as my way of connecting to the world wide web. By the way, the husband’s job as an Associate Professor in Mathematics is what brought us here in SWAU and yes, he, too, has lots of loads on his shoulders in the new environment and workplace that he has settled in. Of course, he is up for it!