Five Tips That Can Help You Plan a Family-friendly European Vacation


Many travelers wonder how they can plan a family-friendly European vacation. This is not surprising because most European destinations offer countless attractions, transportation options and lodging choices that are difficult to choose from while planning.

Here are five tips that can help you plan a family-focused European vacation that are fun to incorporate into your travel routine.

Determine Your Family’s Preferences
It is a good idea to determine your family’s preferences because it can help you plan a trip that allows all members of your family to enjoy something they love.

One way to determine your family‚Äôs preferences is to talk with your family about your budget and preferences. Doing this before you plan your vacation can help you plan a memorable family-friendly European vacation because it can help you choose destinations and attractions that fit your family’s budget.

Let Each Family Member Help Plan Your Vacation
Allowing each family member help plan your vacation is worthwhile because it can help you take the stress out of choosing things to do during your vacation that offer something for everyone.

Visit Smaller Cities
There are many smaller European cities that are home to fun attractions and cultural landmarks. Visiting these cities is worthwhile because they offer families a more relaxed atmosphere that can help families take the stress out of traveling to attractions.

Let Children Explore at Their Own Pace
Letting children explore at their own pace can help your family enjoy its vacation because it can help you reduce the stress that can make taking a vacation with children difficult. This is understandable because most children enjoy taking in attractions at their own pace.

Look for Hotels That Are Located near Residential Areas
There are many European hotels that are located residential areas. Some of these hotels include Amsterdam hotels that are located near Osdorp, Westpoort and other popular Amsterdam neighborhoods. Staying at one of these hotels is worthwhile because they are located near restaurants, stores and attractions that offer families many fun things to do all year around.

As you can see, planning a family-friendly European vacation requires a flexible approach that can help your family overcome the stress of traveling. Feel free to use these tips to develop a flexible approach that suits your family’s travel needs.


Officially a Working Mom!


This is a short but a sweet announcement post: the schooling mom is officially a working mom as well! I know, right? I hope I know what I am doing! Lol.

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It is but a very quick passing of time. I was offered the job just three weeks after I applied for it and so I am very happy and thankful. I worked so hard for this and I prayed even harder for this so God really knew how much I really want this job. Thank God He blessed me with it! I need the money and the experience but most of all, I need the scholarship that I will be getting through this job.

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I started with the one-week-orientation last week for the Patient Care Technician position at Harris Methodist Hospital in Cleburne. I am now a part of one of the largest companies in Texas working from the smallest Nursing role for a start. I am very proud to be able to get into one of Fortune’s 100 Best companies to work for 2015. I hope and pray that I will be able to meet the Medical-Surgical Unit’s expectation of me. This will better prepare me for all the clinicals I will be doing as I continue to work on getting my RN degree.

That being said, yes, I don’t stop taking classes. In fact, I just finished my summer class for Pathophysiology and I am enrolled already for two classes in the Fall. I don’t know how I will ace what I entered into but I trust that God will lead me as He always has in the past.