Studying The Profile Of A Finance Legend


Studying the profile of someone like Robert Rosenkranz of Delphi is going to teach students what they need to know about the right path in the business world. Some people take longer than others to progress in the business world, and it is best to read the tale of someone who has already made it. The most powerful CEOs in the finance world all have a story to tell, and their profiles can tell students of the business world quite a lot.

The Early Years

Many people who get into the world of finance are going to find that they need to start slowly. They have to get an education, and they need to be sure that they are able to get the opportunities that they need. There are many times when people do not get the best start in life, but they can read how a successful businessman was able to overcome the odds.

There are other people will need to know just want school to go to. They need to know what degree to get, and it is wise for these people to make sure that they are doing everything they can to get to the right school. Getting the right degree sets people up for a much better career in the future.

The Work Experience

Most people do not know what kind of jobs they should take when they get out of school, but it is best to make sure that these people go to the right first job. Reading what someone did as their first job is going to make it much easier for people to make these decisions. The path to the top starts with an entry level job, and many people will be surprised what their business heroes did when they first got started.

The easiest way to learn how to make it in the business world is to make sure that they can learn from people who came from them. There are many people who want to read many of these stories to see which one grabs them, but there are many more people who are looking for the one story that is going to allow them the inspiration they need. The reading is often just as important as the work when people are learning how to make their way to the top in the business world.


CNA Wannabe


The fourth month of the year is here, and I am up for a big challenge this month: take the state certification exam to become a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant/Aide) in Texas.

Our last day of the class was last week, and I had a great time learning the basics of becoming a CNA with great CNA wannabes like me. We were only 9 in the class and our instructor was super awesome!

With classmates A, R, H, and K

Still waiting for the yellow card from the NACES Plus Foundation. In it will be the schedule for the state test that I am gonna conquer. I am so nervous thinking about it but hopefully, I will pass both written and skills. Until then, please wish me luck! Becoming a CNA would be one step closer to my RN dream.