Allred insurance


Our car insurance for our two vehicles are due soon. The husband and I are still unsure whether to keep our current auto insurance or not. We don’t live in North Carolina but if we do, we would surely try to get a quote from as it is always a great thing to compare premiums and coverage from many insurance providers.

Weighing on the pros and cons of the coverage and premium, it feels like it will be wise if we keep our current car insurance because so far, it is what gives us the lowest premium yet with the most coverage that we want and need. I think it helps that the husband and I are both good drivers– no records at all of traffic violations, especially overspeeding and road accidents, God forbid! For being parents, that is one of the most considered goal of ours the moment we sit on the driver’s seat– to drive carefully for our kids. Because we tried our best to do so, the benefits of having a great premium on car insurance becomes a treat!


…and Spring semester starts!


The wait is over and so is the much-needed break! Yep, it’s back to school pressure for this schooling mama right here! Spring started today for SWAU and the husband and I are definitely on the go, trying to manage our time responsibly just because we need to.

The husband is teaching 4 classes this semester and he starts as early as seven thirty in the morning! I know, right? It is such a torture for me as I am left with two kids– the older to prepare for school and bring her at 7:45 and the younger, to wake up and bring as my chaperon in bringing the big sister to school. Yes, that’s our scenario pretty much every morning The rest of the day– you don’t want to even imagine how tough and hectic it is so I am not gonna bother to share. Ha ha.

The bottomline is, God is good! He keeps me sane all day and night and I am beyond thankful. As long as He keeps us healthy all the time, that is what matters most because if one of us is unhealthy, it can cause trouble pretty much to our entire day’s routine.

So now that Spring semester has started, expect an even busier working-schooling-full time mama in me! It sounds like unbearable, but really, it is fun and exciting every day! I praise God for the ability to keep up with the daily cares of life!