Bernhardt Furniture


Oh, why haven’t I checked Bernhardt Furniture when I was shopping for furniture a couple months ago? Obviously, I am regretting it now to not know or heard about Bernhardt furniture. What a shame on my part! Now, as I look at their webpage and see all their gorgeous and lovely sets of furniture, I can only wish to turn back time– back when I was still shopping around. Oh well, I will definitely check them out next time when our budget for furniture comes in. For now, we are fine to do the things that we want to do while¬†taking advantage of those video tutorials online about home making, home updating, and more. Maybe next time, I can go and get one or two of those really neat and of top quality Bernhardt Furniture!


Third Grader Triz


Today marks the second week since school started for our 3rd Grader. So far, so good!

3rd Grade first day of class: Triz and Mrs. O’Connor, her teacher

It was August 18th when the 2014-2015 school year opened at Keene Adventist Elementary School. We all looked forward to this instance and sure enough, it was thrilling. For Triz’s part, she looked forward to spending her school days with her classmates. For our part, we are thrilled to finally send her to the school where desire for her and Tiara to go to. There have been a lot of praises and good stuff to talk about from her class but it is only 2 weeks and so I’ll share those good stuff later on.

As the new school started for us schooling moms and our kids, may we all be blessed with God’s wisdom and guidance!

How about you– how was your kiddos’ first day of school for this year?


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Mel Cole
Mel Cole

Oh wow! Triz is sent to school! I'm sure it will be fun! Good luck Triz!