Wedding Bands


Wedding bands have been a big topic in one of our recent chats with friends. The question was: how important it is to have wedding bands. While some would consider for it to be of utmost importance and we truly respect such kind of view, I personally don’t consider it to be a need in my marriage. I think I am one of the few whose marriage has an absence of a wedding band. For me and my husband, it is not a need to show to people. But that’s just us. You could prefer to have platinum wedding bands or gold or how many carats of diamonds- we don’t really mind. As the old adage says, ‘to each his own’.

I have two friends who are tying the knot soon and both of them are so into wedding bands. Thus, the website that has what they need would be really helpful. Just like I am sending them this link because I know they will really find this website valuable and significant to them.


Back to School: First Test


I am not a new back-to-school mom. This enrollment has been my fourth, in the fourĀ (different) schools in America, and yet, it seems like I am still experiencing “culture shock”. Apparently, being a back-to-school mom is no easy feat. This semester, I am taking General Anatomy and Physiology and today was our very first test in the course.

How I did– I am not so sure as there were a few questions that I was sure I didn’t know the answer. I am hoping I’ll pass though. That I will know by next week the soonest.

The study is very realistic; our professor is really cool, and my materials are I believe enough to learn the stuff; BUT, the memorizing part is what’s really dreadful. Five chapters were covered and lots of stuff to memorize and so I am positive that I didn’t memorize everything; thus, my surety for questions that I didn’t know the answer.

It is only our first test anyway. That having said, I still have three more tests to brave for this course and so I will strive to really do better on the next tests.

Being a homeschooling mom is definitely not the most fun ever! Lol.