The 5 Cleanest Pets You Could Own

People desire companionship in a pet, but they also want to have a clean home. Finding the perfect balance between these two will never be that easy. The cleanest pets are not the ones you would think about cuddling up with on your couch. Some of them are not popular pets to own for many men and women.

You have to keep in mind that, when you are looking for a pet, there is no pet that is maintenance free. Your pet will be as clean as you make it to be. Regular cleaning of your animal’s environment is a must to ensure there is no smell or waste collecting. Here are some pets that would be ideal for somebody looking for cleanliness.

The Five Cleanest Pets You Could Own

  1. Rat- This is a hard animal for people to accept as a pet. Rats are very social animals and should be bought in pairs. They will bond with you and play too. Rats have almost no smell to them. If cleanliness is what you are looking for this is the one of the cleanest animals.
  2. Snake- Another animal on this list that is not a popular choice for pet owners. A snake’s environment is contained in a tank so its mess can remain there. It makes almost no mess at all and has very little waste to clean. A snake also requires little attention. So if you have a busy schedule and like to have your place clean and odor free a snake would be a good choice for you.
  3. Beta fish- Beta fish are very easy to care for and make no mess. They require a small tank that you would need to change the water in occasionally. Their tank does not need to be heated or have to have a filter. Their only need is to be fed on a daily basis.
  4. Lizards- Lizards are housed in a tank so their mess stays contained within the glass walls. The mess they make in their tank is not much of a mess and they generally don’t make much noise at all. The only slightly disturbing part about a lizard is the live feedings.
  5. Indoor Cat- I hesitated to put cat on the list for a few reasons. They shed their fur, occasionally they cough up a hairball somewhere in the house, and they require you to have a litter box in the house. But cats are generally a clean animal. They bathe themselves every day. They do use the litter box when properly trained. As with all the other animals listed here, cleaning up their waste will keep the smells away.

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  1. Ernhez says:

    oh no! i am scared of those animals especially snakes. T_T

  2. jen says:

    thank you, this gave me some great food for thought.

  3. catalina says:

    what about dogs

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