BPC #29/366 & WW: Creating Love

I have another reason again to be idling in the couch for as long as I want: my new book called Creating Love by my most cherished author: Kay Kuzma.

Kay Kuzma

Kay Kuzma is the founder and speaker of Family Matters, a non-profit religious organization to promote wholesome family relationships and reduce alienation and abuse. Even when I was still in Philippines, I already loved all of her writeups. I emulate her parenting style which is Christ-centered and I love how she imposes discipline the gentle and loving way. I love to listen and watch her shows at Hope TV and 3ABN Channel and even my daughter knows that Kay Kuzma is one of my favorite authors and women public speakers. You can read more about her bio here.

This is what Tim Hansel, another Author & Speaker, has to say about Kay Kuzma:

“Kay Kuzma is the greatest undiscovered gold mine in the country. She is so multi-talented that it’s hard to fully describe her. Kay is a gifted writer, a brilliant communicator, and an enthusiastically contagious human being. To experience her is to experience life at its best.”Β 

Indeed, this new book that I got, that a friend from church gave me last Sabbath, is such an awesome collection to my shelves of books!


It always is refreshing to read principles and practical theories written by someone who has lived those principles in life! It makes my own lifestyle become simpler, more able to express love towards my fellow humans, more accepting, and less chaotic. It broadens my mind even more in widening the horizon available for me in understanding what a person is going through. And above all, it presents the most unconditional form of love– that of God’s.


Creating love. It can happen every moment of the day, because God made us as human beings with a heart that is able to love, amidst the unlovability around us!

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  1. Momgen says:

    Oh i wish i like to read books but too lazy..Visiting from the challenge.

  2. Vhen says:

    interesting book! i will try to find that here…

  3. You must love her writings so much, how I wish I am not that too busy so I could read books too visiting you from Wednesday Whites, hope you can return the visit thanks.

  4. loue says:

    Hehehe, Looks interesting. I seldom read book nowadays. lazy me// http://www.dreamsandjourney.com/2012/02/why-do-birds-31366-blog-photo-challenge/

  5. Dhemz says:

    wow, bilib jud ko nimo Cel ba…looks like a very helpful book…I might have to check it out…kay lousy kau akong parenting style…lol…singhag permi..sos!

  6. Leah H. says:

    Wow, that book sound interesting. Murag I need to read one:)

    Visiting for #31 BPC! Hope you can stop by:)

  7. Leah H. says:

    Back again, sis:)

    Visiting for WW! Hope you can stop by:)

  8. imriz says:

    me, too. im done with fiction. books that inspires and shares personal experiences is very touching.

  9. Chie says:

    Book lover jud ka gwapz. It good nga u still have time to read books while mothering, looking after the house and husband and blogging. It sounds like a nice book so i don’t wonder

  10. seny says:

    would love to have a copy! thanks for dropping by! BPC #31

  11. Shydub says:

    enjoy reading rcel, maayo paka da still have time for reading. and even if i have time for reading…reading don’t have time for me waaaaaaaa.

  12. beautiful book to enjoy Mommy Rcel, use to read books but not anymore πŸ™ Returning the visit from #31 of BPC.

  13. Pinx says:

    that’s a nice read Cel… i wish i still have the luxury to read books oi, aguy inig read nako, tua, naglaway na kay nakatulog na diay.. hahahaha! visiting from WW… balik ra ko unya for BPC!

  14. emzkie says:

    wow. this is a great book cel! very touching.

  15. Mel Cole says:

    Thank you for that sis. I really needed that message about love. πŸ™‚ visiting from Wednesday whites.

  16. Jessica Cassidy says:

    beautiful book about love Mommy Rcel πŸ™‚ Visiting this time from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the visit too.

  17. Shengkay says:

    oi..i love love books..but most of them self help book.

  18. Book looks interesting. Will Google that. πŸ™‚

  19. Enzo says:

    This seems to be an interesting book. I would love to read it cover to cover if ever I get hold of a copy of it.

  20. Seow Wei says:

    Emmm… looks good, i am not good in reading book.

  21. cheerful says:

    interesting book and just in time for v-day…maybe a good one to get! thanks for sharing mommy! visiting from WW, hope you can visit me back. have a great week. πŸ™‚

  22. Dhemz says:

    visiting here Cel from WW…thanks sa visit!

  23. KM says:

    i’ve been hearing a lot of Kay Kuzma recently, but never really read her book. i should check this out πŸ˜‰

    visiting you back for WW.

  24. Deli says:

    Thanks for the visit. I’m also very fond of reading. Thanks for letting us all know about this Christ-centered, gifted writer πŸ™‚

  25. raya says:

    i’d love to read this book! thanks for joining WW!

  26. Kerslyn says:

    Nice read, I bet.

    Paying you a visit from WW!

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