Successful NCTM Presentation

So, we’re back from our grueling trip to Dallas, Texas! For only 6 days, we made it there and back! It was very tiring that I myself got a sore and really weary body when we got home last Sunday but at least, everything was a success from such trip.

The main purpose of driving down to Texas was that the husband presented his The Farmer’s Problem problem to a group of Math and Science teachers and pre-service teachers during the 2012 NCTM Regional Conference and Exposition. It was his first time attending such event and I can tell that he had a blast!

The NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) welcome banner at the Dallas Convention Center

The Dallas skyline taken from the Convention Center. Beautiful, isn’t it?

I had to take a snap of his garland ID from the conference so that he can have a souvenir of it, aside from the school materials and resources that he had been given after his presentation.

Indeed, we have had a fantastic 6 days out-of-town experience although most of those were spent being on the road driving. We only spent 1 and a half days in Dallas and we didn’t have the luxury of time to enjoy the place, but it was enough to step foot in Texas for the first time, all four of us. Even if short, trust me, I have hundreds of photos taken from such trip (blame the shutterholic moi!) so expect some to be shared in my blogs soon! I hope you don’t mind. 😀

I don’t know yet where and when the next NCTM Conference will be and if hubby is still going, but I am sure wherever our next adventure will take us, it will be equally fun and memorable, like it always is!

My 243rd of the 292/366 BPC

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  1. Gee says:

    You should be very proud of your hubby. The place looks good.

  2. jheylo says:

    wow! you guys did a lot of driving huh? imagine just a day and half in dallas and the rest of the days spent watching beautiful scenes on the road. good thing cel your kids cooperate and didn’t whine from sore and aching joints hehehhehe. and by the way, i love the buildings you got a perfect view of the downtown city.

  3. Chie says:

    Wow, it was ur first time in Texas diay. It is good gwaps that ur hubby’s conference was held there. It was like a family vacation pud bisan pa og 1 and half days lang. At least you’ve visited Texas na. My parents in-law btw live there in Texas.

    Diay pa, congrats to your hubby.

  4. woohoo! congrats to Sir Jon 🙂 Momi Rcel and the successful presentation 🙂 Sounds like a fun yet tiring drive 🙂

  5. zoan says:

    Wow i know you had fun mommy! I only hear Dallas in the movies. Are tere a lot of Cowboys in their boots there?

  6. Dhemz says:

    sounds like an exhausting trip, but you guys are awesome travelers…ehhehe…next time, SA namo paingon ha…lol!

  7. Nova says:

    thank you for sharing the pictures, at least i’ve seen the nice place of Texas, i bet that sore body has so much fun with your trip…happy weekent

  8. marie says:

    Very nice view overlooking mommy surely you guys u having fun even tired from a trip congrats to yur hubby presentation.

  9. joy says:

    Oh yeah, i remember i leave a message at one of your post about the trip that your husband will be a speaker of the event. Good to hear it went good. I know, i hate road trip when it’s tiring me, but i love it somehow that we can able to get away from the house and have fun after!

  10. Wow I bet its tiring being in the car for many hours. I remember when we went to Utah, Wyoming, and Nebaska it took 2-3 days of driving one way…

  11. Poray says:

    isn’t it fun to travel mami? bisan kapoy sa lawas pero huna-hunaon pa lang ang places na maadtuan kayahon na lang lol… it helps too kung buutan ang mga pasahero sa likod 🙂

  12. shahz says:

    I love the Dallas Skyline shot and a good massage is perfect for that long trip sis,.

    BPC visit!

  13. rocky says:

    oh my momi thats a long road trip with kids… but it seems like you guys had fun 🙂

  14. Blesss says:

    Good to know everything was a success and you’re back home safe!

  15. Leah H. says:

    Congrats sa imong hubby mommy:) Glad it was successful! Mau ka pa kay naka-adto na ug Texas..

    Thank’s for joining, bpc!

  16. Dhemz says:

    well documented kau sa wifey…ehehehe!

    BPC hop ko dire kadali.

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