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I just got off work from a very exhausting 12-hour night shift. Yes, it was an uneventful night, thank God, but I was the only Tech on the floor, so I was very busy and tired. Does my looks says so?

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I know it! Working is so much harder than studying but you know what, I get to earn working so for now, I am fine with it! Lol. I can’t wait to resume schooling though. Of course, my RN journey is not over yet. I am just on a pause but I will be back on it someday soon.

So what does it feels like being a night shifter? It may not be as busy as it is in day shift but the hardworking me doesn’t just sit around and lounge at the nurse station. I am with my patients most of the time or charting at the desk. So don’t tell me it is less work because for me, it is not.

I just got done with my annual evaluation with my Director and I am looking forward to a raise shown on my paycheck. Fingers crossed. Lol.

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