Phlebotomy Student


I am so excited!!!

Today, as I turned 34 years old, I start with the Phlebotomy Program. Crazy, isn’t it? I want to obtain one more certification before I can go back to being a full time Nursing Student. So before that time comes, let me be a Certified Phlebotomist first. It’s not that I love to go to school although I must admit that I have missed going to school after taking a break for two semesters now but I really want to upgrade from being a CNA. One more step higher that is.

So yeah, today is my very birthday but I didn’t bother spending it in a fancy way because I am more thrilled to be learning to find a vein and to stick and draw blood! I had pancit and KFC chicken and some leftover mango float and macaroni salad in the freezer so that should do. Ha ha ha. I know, I am getting older and older! Who doesn’t though? 😀

So today’s birthday is going to be really special and memorable. So, this photo above taken by my awesome little T will be one to remember.

Happy birthday to me! Thank you.


Guitar Interest


I am so thankful and lucky that my growing girls are into music and musical instruments a lot. I think that it helps that my husband and I are into singing in the first place. Not that we are great singers but music and singing is a part of our every day life. I don’t play any musical instruments myself but I like to sing and I sing a lot. However, with our resources now, I really make it an effort to enroll my daughters to music lessons. So far, so good. My 10 years old is now able to play the piano and she will be her little sister’s first teacher. But talking about other instruments, my husband has guitars and we have four of them here at home. I don’t even want him to see the because for sure, we will be interested to at least one of them! HA ha.

Does him having more than one guitar a good thing? Absolutely! You see, he can play this thing and he teaches our daughters how to play it, too! They have had a quite a few jamming sessions already and yes, it is a wonderful bonding moment for him and the girls. I myself have an interest in learning how to play it but I get so stubborn to even pick it and start strumming it. I know, my bad!