Phlebotomy Student


I am so excited!!!

Today, as I turned 34 years old, I start with the Phlebotomy Program. Crazy, isn’t it? I want to obtain one more certification before I can go back to being a full time Nursing Student. So before that time comes, let me be a Certified Phlebotomist first. It’s not that I love to go to school although I must admit that I have missed going to school after taking a break for two semesters now but I really want to upgrade from being a CNA. One more step higher that is.

So yeah, today is my very birthday but I didn’t bother spending it in a fancy way because I am more thrilled to be learning to find a vein and to stick and draw blood! I had pancit and KFC chicken and some leftover mango float and macaroni salad in the freezer so that should do. Ha ha ha. I know, I am getting older and older! Who doesn’t though? 😀

So today’s birthday is going to be really special and memorable. So, this photo above taken by my awesome little T will be one to remember.

Happy birthday to me! Thank you.


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