Officially a Phlebotomist


So, two days ago, I finished my short-term Phlebotomy Program. And finish I did with flying colors.

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It is not the biggest deal there is out there but man, I worked hard for this so I am very thrilled! After getting my certificate of completion, I am now ready to take the national certification exam so I will become a licensed phlebotomist and that I will do in 6 days because right now, I and my family are out of town and won’t be back till this weekend. So, I should have enough time to review what I have learned and go through those questions I have that will help me prepare for my test.

I will definitely update you if I pass or not. Lol. Having said that, this year is definitely one fun and memorable year to reminisce in the future. I am so thankful for my family– my husband who never gets tired of supporting me and my daughters who are truly my inspiration. Yep, this Schooling Mom will not stop. Yet. Till I reach my goal. #ToBeANurse

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