Officially a Phlebotomist


So, two days ago, I finished my short-term Phlebotomy Program. And finish I did with flying colors.

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It is not the biggest deal there is out there but man, I worked hard for this so I am very thrilled! After getting my certificate of completion, I am now ready to take the national certification exam so I will become a licensed phlebotomist and that I will do in 6 days because right now, I and my family are out of town and won’t be back till this weekend. So, I should have enough time to review what I have learned and go through those questions I have that will help me prepare for my test.

I will definitely update you if I pass or not. Lol. Having said that, this year is definitely one fun and memorable year to reminisce in the future. I am so thankful for my family– my husband who never gets tired of supporting me and my daughters who are truly my inspiration. Yep, this Schooling Mom will not stop. Yet. Till I reach my goal. #ToBeANurse

Used banjos


I love banjos. I know I don’t play one but I am really close to my late Uncle who plays harmonica and banjo. I have gifted him a harmonica before he passed but not banjo. Now with these banjo for sale at, I am thinking of buying my nephew one with a goal that he will like to play it. For me, I don’t really care what kind of musical instrument a child plays as long as he shows interest in playing it. That is all that matters. If that is the child’s idea, then learning along the way is easy and before we know it, we already have a musician in the family!