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When I was a college student back in my home country, school expenses seemed to be very expensive. Actually, it was a fact and continues to be so until now. Students who have parents that don’t have stable jobs aren’t able to go to school and worse, there is no enough access to scholarships, loans, or government grants. Now that I am over it already, I must say how lucky and blessed I am to have finished a college degree even if we were not well-off.

I am forever indebted to the people who helped me financially. They know who they are.

stack of college textbooksWhen I took up Pre-Nursing classes here in the US, I have learned that back in my home country, if school expenses and textbooks were not that affordable, here, there are no cheap college textbooks as well! One needs to be broad in his choices and selections of where to get his textbooks in order to save. Again, I am lucky that I have a Professor husband as he himself knows where I can get my nursing textbooks and others at a lower price.

One site that’s worth checking it is! They offer student discounts and money-saving tips for students not only on books but on the general aspect of student lifestyle. And, they’re not limited to textbooks only. Bestsellers are also available.

Textbooks are a must-have for students. Since they are really pricey, it pays to find ways to get them at an affordable price! As a student, you deserved to be able to AffordABook!

Mother’s Day Gift Suggestion: Netflix for books

Information about the renting books service of

Next Sunday will be Mother’s Day already and have you already purchased a gift that you can give for the special woman in your life?

Mother’s day is one of the most celebrated events and it is even acknowledged globally as a sign of honoring all the mothers out there for all the handwork that they have been doing to raise well and provide for the needs of their kids. To show gratitude and thanksgiving for all the things that our mothers have done to us, it is but right that mothers be treated with extra special attention on their special day so they will feel very much appreciated and loved.

If you have been celebrating Mother’s Day for years now and you are already running out of ideas for a perfect gif that you can give your mom, then why not give them a membership.


What is It is a site where you can rent books and audio books with no limit on the number of books that you can rent per month, no dues dates, comes with free shipping and you can cancel your subscription anytime you want.

So how does it work? Those who want to rent audio books and books need to subscribe to a monthly plan, which varies depending on the number of books that you can rent at a time. Different plans are available:

• Price ranges from $7.50 to $26 for the first month and $14.99 to $51.99 for the succeeding months if you want to rent paperback books only.
• CD and MP3-CD audio book rentals ranges from $11.75 to $37.75 for the first month and $23.49 and $75.49 thereafter.
• Paperback books and audio book plans will be from $15.75 to $27.75 for the first month and $31.49 to $55.49 for the next months’ subscription.
• You can opt to rent paperback books and audio books individually with prices that start at $5.99.

Once you have subscribed to a plan, you can start creating your account so you can start making your list from among 250,000 titles available for paperback books and 40,000 audio book titles. Based on the plan you are subscribed too, books on your queue will automatically be shipped to your address for free within 3-10 business days for paperback books and within 2-5 days for audio books. There are no due dates and late fees so you can keep the book as long as you want. Once you are done with the book, you can return it via the postage paid return mailer so you can get your next line up of books.

So what is the advantage of renting books?

• For book lovers and book worms out there, renting books can give them big savings as this saves them money from buying those paperbacks and audio books plus the cost to travel to a library or a bookstore.
• This also is very time-efficient as it cuts the trip to the local library or bookstore to get the books that they want as books from their list as automatically mailed to their address for free.
• The subscription to a book rental service also gives them access to the full library of paperbacks and audio books being offered by the company.
• This is also a green initiative as it cuts down the need to cut trees to make books.

For this coming Mother’s Day, is offering a promo where they will be giving 30% discount to membership fee for new members. To avail of this promo, you just need to use this promo code: GIFTMDAY.

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